About Govanhill Free Church

Our aim is to worship God with our voices, our hearts and our minds. At the centre of our worship is Jesus Christ, who enables us to have a proper relationship with God. We believe the Bible is the word of God, therefore it has an important place in our lives. At each service the bible is read and explained. We praise God by singing Psalms, scriptural paraphrases and hymns. We seek to share the message of Jesus with everyone and to show his care and compassion in practical ways in our community.

Sunday Morning Worship


The service lasts 60-70 minutes with singing, reading and prayers. Each week we look more closely at a passage from the Bible in the sermon. During the morning service there is Sunday Club for children from 3-14 years. Crèche space is also available.

Sunday Evening Worship


Similar to the morning service with singing, reading and prayers. However we always study a different passage of the Bible from the morning.


Sundays at 4.30pm

We worship the Lord in Slovak and Roma, but an English translation is provided for both songs and the sermon. In many cases, the sermons are delivered in English and interpreted to Slovak. During the sermon, children have their own programme where they sing and learn about God.


Kenny Boyd

Kenny is the minister and came to Govanhill in 2001. Previously he was an assistant minister in London and had a brief spell teaching English in Milan. In his spare time, he enjoys football and reading history. He is married to Fiona and they have the privilege of sharing the home of Spideag (the cat). 

Mária Jurčová

Mária Jurčová is an outreach worker in the community of Slovak/Czech Roma in Govanhill. She studied theology and has been involved in different church and mission activities for many years. She loves being part of her big family, enjoys good books, films and wanders in nature. In 2012 she came from Slovakia and made her home in Glasgow.

Juraj Institoris

Juraj and Jarka Institoris came from Slovakia to Glasgow in September 2014, shortly after their wedding. Juraj studied computer science and theology and Jarka linguistics. She was working as an interpreter until little Abigail came to this world in summer 2015. They all like different languages, Juraj prefers dead ones (ancient Greek and Hebrew), Jarka living ones (German and English) and Abigail practises impenetrable baby language.

FAQs about the Free Church of Scotland

Who or what is the Free Church?

We are made up of a wide range of different people, from all ages and social and religious backgrounds with different gifts and abilities. We love God, we love each other, and we love the man in the street. Everyone is welcome to join us!

We have a network of 100 congregations all across Scotland and over 13,000 of us gather at services every week to worship God.

We believe the Bible, we do not compromise on Scripture, and our services focus on preaching, as well as prayer and singing.

What does the Free Church actually do? 

Our aim is to worship and learn more about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, as well as living more like him.

The central focus of our worship is Jesus, and we seek to proclaim his life, death and resurrection.

Because the Bible is the word of God, it has an important place in our lives. At each service, it is read and explained by the minister.

What we sing is based on the Bible - Psalms, scripture songs and hymns.

We try to share the message of Jesus with everyone and to show his care and compassion in practical ways in our community.

Is it just a Sunday thing?

No! As Christians, we believe that prayer changes things, and we meet during the week for a time of prayer and Bible study.

Although the main services take place on a Sunday, there are many activities taking place throughout the week including 'drop ins', a parent and toddlers group, English classes and home bible study groups. 

For more information visit: freechurch.org